Knightly Behavior In Monty Python

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In my essay I will be analyzing the medieval literature that was dramatically mocked in the film “Monty Python”. So there will be multiple discussions taking place in this paper.

Knightly behavior is one of the number one things I seen mocked in the film. One reason for that was because in medieval literature you always have the knight being kind and respectful and being the one to save the person in need. In this film knightly behavior was mocked by a man named Sir Lancelot who went around and said he was a knight trying to seek the holy grail but was not believed, but he mysteriously gets a letter from a prince that he thought was a princess that was going to be married off unwillingly and wanted to be saved. Which brings me to my main point because old literature based stories like the “Monty Python” there is always a princess that sits at the top of a guarded tower waiting to be rescued by her true love, Instead you have a prince trapped at the top of a tower watched by two foolish guards and with only one dream and that is to sing and not have to be married off unwillingly.

This brings me to my second topic
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When you were accused of practicing witchcraft you were hunted down and burned because they thought the only right thing was to be for god, you couldn’t really have your own personal beliefs back in those times or practice what you wanted. But in the film witchcraft was being mocked by them dressing a girl as a witch with a fake nose when she really wasn’t a witch and asked her question that didn’t really make since or if she weighed the same as a duck on a balancing scale she was a witch and needed to burned immediately, but in the movie it was strange because when she was weighed by the people she did weigh the same as a

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