Knights Of Labor

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The industrial capitalist economy sounds great and when done right would be optimal. Unfortunately for the people of this emerging times, a few men took what could 've been great and manipulated it and turned it into a greed-filled business. Don’t get me wrong, there are many positives with the birth of the industrial capitalist economy, but do these positives outweigh the terrible conditions workers were put in at the hands of greedy businessmen? Do these positives outweigh the many families who lost everything they worked for their entire life because businessmen used the system and cheated them out of opportunities? Everyone deserves the same rights as these businessmen and without proper steps being taken to find solutions for these inequalities,…show more content…
A necessary movement needed is that of labor organizations and unions. The factory workers, including men, women and children, need some protection. Fortunately, Groups like the Knights of Labor provided crucial protection for the common interest of workers. The Knights of Labor have been helping labor workers since they were founded by a group of Philadelphia garment cutters in 1869(Out of Many, 416). The Knights of labor have endorsed countless reform measures that have single handily improved the lives of many labor workers. Without the Knights of Labor overseeing that changes be made, labor workers would have no one representing them with issues like child labor or a graduated income tax. The Knights called for the government to step in as protector of safety and fairness in the workplace(America Firsthand, 49). This labor union primarily worked for the 8 hour day for workers, child labor laws and better wages. This was important as factory workers, including children, were often working more than 10 hours a day. These long hours led to workplace accidents and illnesses. The Knights negotiated with employers and, although tried to avoid strikes, led the way for more attempts at workers to be treated in a more humane…show more content…
Money and reputation are the main motivators for businessmen. Finding a way for workers to be compensated for their time and hard work is necessary. Labor unions need to meet with all employees and find ways for them all, including immigrants, to be on board with these expectations. In reality, employees who are working towards the manufacturing of products and producing these products are the most valuable part of a business. Employers need to realize that workers can produce more when they are respected and working in safe conditions. IN return, This benefits the businessmen with the profits they desire. Labor unions are the way for these changes to occur and I am in hopes that with better organizations and inclusion they will
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