Knights Vs Samurai Research Paper

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The Knights and Samurai's are very different in many ways. Like the armor, knights have metal armor, and the samurai's have plates with leather. Just like their swords. The samurai's sword is curved. The knight's sword is straight .I will also compare the views education of samurai and knights, i will also compare the weapons that the samurais and knights use, i will also compare on the type of code of conduct they both use. In this first paragraph, i will be focusing on how the education of the a samurai is better than the knights. The samurai's have haiku has three lines of 5,7 and 5 syllables making 17 syllables in all. During a young boys path at the age of seven to become a knight he would first have to become a page. Sometimes the women would have to teach the pages. Then around fourteen years old they would become a squire. They have haiku in that order so it's easier to memorize. They become a page so they learn how to be kind and have respect for eachother.

In the second paragraph, i will be focusing on how the samurai's armor is a lot more advanced that the knights armor. The samurai wore a helmet that looks like a monster to scare their enemies a lot more. Which would give them an advantage to kill their enemies before they
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In their code of chivalry they have a sword to protect their ruler , and their people. It will also not force to kill themselves for their selfishness. Samurai's code of bushido, they have two swords, one to chop off heads and the other sword for everything else. They chop of their heads so when they get captured they don't get forced to give secret information. They protect people because they live in an act of kindness. They chop off their own heads so they don't go through torture as it already is, also so

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