Knightspeed Moving Case Study

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When you typically think of moving it involves lugging boxes from your apartment to a moving van and all the stress that comes with it. Julian Correa came up with a moving company to take all of a mover 's stress away.

Correa, a 23-year-old UCF business major alumnus graduated in 2015 is the president and founder of KnightSpeed Moving.

While working at Lockheed Martin, Correa realized that he would rather start a big corporation then continue to work for them.

In early 2013, Correa and his friends wanted to make some money on the side, but they needed to come up with an idea for a service that was always in demand in the UCF area. That idea was moving.

Correa took part in the UCF Joust New Venture Competition in his junior year where he
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"In the beginning of February, we expanded to Miami."

When KnightSpeed is fully established in the Miami and West Broward area, it will service the Florida International University and Nova Southeastern University campuses. This will add around 15 part-time employees.

Michael Ferguson, vice president of operations, works alongside Correa to ensure the expansion is going smoothly.

“Julian is up at 6:30 a.m. and goes to sleep around 2:00 a.m. Every second he is thinking about KnightSpeed and continuing to make it even better,” Ferguson said. “A big part of Julian is always trying to make everyone happy, and that’s why we care so much about customer service.”

Even with the expansion of the business, KnightSpeed will continue to stick with their trademark: college students moving college students.

Correa credits being streamlined and valuing customer service for the success of KnightSpeed.

KnightSpeed simplifies every step of the moving process and has a big emphasis on good customer service.

In addition to training, the new employees at KnightSpeed are taught how to move each piece of furniture, walk up and down stairs, pack up furniture and put it on the truck. Efficiency is
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