Knock Up Paradox Analysis

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CHAPTER EIGHT INSERT GRAPHIC: FLYING STORK, 37456708M THE OPTIMISTS’ CLIFF NOTES FOR BOLD AGENDAS, BRAVE ACTIONS This book, WHY KNOCKED UP?, began with a mission to unravel the Knocked Up Paradox: Despite more than 50 years of The Pill, a healthy dose of sexual freedom, a dazzling array of contraceptives, and historically low birth rates, about 50 percent of all pregnancies--some 3.4 million a year--are accidental, unplanned. Along the way, I described the forces driving that paradox, the far-reaching consequences resulting from so many Knocked Up pregnancies, and why we need to create the ways and means to stem that tide. So, we are here, on the route to this book’s exit. True enough--for pages and pages, I focused on the problems--but now I am offering hope boosted by the confidence that the U.S. can do better. As poet Wendell Berry writes, “Be joyful, though you have considered all the facts.” I’m well aware that calling attention to the tangle of personal dilemmas and the often ill-starred implications of unintended pregnancy--specifically, those that result in unwanted or overwhelmed parenthood--can be a sensitive topic. For some people, it may…show more content…
The far-right extremists’ constant kicking of science to the curb to force-feed the nation their peculiar dogma isn’t something to dismiss as too loony to be taken seriously. And for more reinforcement to claim that Science Rules, go to “I fucking love science” on Facebook. Support the National Day of Reason. In 2003, The American Humanist Association, together with the Washington Area Secular Humanist Association, joined together to create and facilitate the commemoration of the National Day of Reason, which is now held every year. This day is a nationwide effort to celebrate the application of rationality and logic in human affairs and their positive impact on humanity, including science and good public policy.

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