Knockout Research Paper

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It was a sunny day. Puffy clouds in the sky, birds were singing, squirrels playing in the grass. Everyone was enjoying themselves on this great Friday. That day was the day that the new version of my favorite video game was coming out. I was very excited, my friend also enjoys this game very much. Because of that, he was coming over to my house after school so we could try it out. It was going to be so much fun. I had just come from math class. We were heading to lunch, and I was super hungry. I was also pretty excited that the day was almost over. I ate lunch and was not hungry anymore after that. We went outside and playing the usual basketball game called Knockout. The rules of this game are that everyone playing lines up in a straight line and two people at a time have a ball.…show more content…
The person behind the person in the front will try to make his shot before the person in front of him does. If he does the person in front of him or her will be out for the rest of the game, and if he does not the person in front of him or her will stay in and pass the ball to the next person in the line so they can try to get out the person in front of them. So as I was saying, we were playing Knockout and I was first and John (Fake name) was behind me. I made my shot so I was not out. John did not make his shot so I passed the ball to Frank (Fake name) so he could try to get John out. At this point, you are supposed to go to the back of the line and wait until it is your turn again, but I did not. I waited next to the line to see if Frank would get John out. Frank shot the ball and it hit the rim. At this point, Frank’s ball came right at me. I was trying to grab the ball and give it to Frank so he could get John out. I jumped up to grab his ball and I don’t think that Frank saw me trying to get his ball. Frank is a big guy for his age, at 13 he is six feet two inch and about 150 pounds and he plays
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