Poocheeny: An Analysis Of Halloween's Beliefs

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In Ireland, a game called Puicíní (pronounced "poocheeny") is held, in which a blindfolded person is seated in front of a table with several saucers placed on top of it. The saucers are shuffled and the seated person is required to choose on by touching on it. The contents of the saucer will tell the individual’s life for the following year. If the saucer with “earth” was selected, it means that someone known to the player will die during the following year; a saucer containing a ring foretells marriage, water foretells emigration, a bean foretells poverty, a coin foretells wealth, a set of Rosary beads means that the person will take Holy Orders (becoming a priest or a nun), and so forth. Nowadays, children prefer to sit in front the computer or television to play either PC games, online internet games, Nintendo, or PS2 that take the themes of ghosts, witches, black cats, vampire, zombies, mummies, skeletons, demons, pumpkin-men, vultures and crows. Halloween’s Beliefs and customs Image source On Halloween night, if unmarried women sit in a pitch-dark room gazing into a mirror, the face of their future husbands would appear in the mirror. Nevertheless, if they are destined to die before marriage, a skull would appear. This belief was widespread enough to be…show more content…
Some of these events may not be necessarily held to meet the actual ghosts, but they take the scenes or themes of supernatural characters or presentations from horror movies which are regarded as the “haunted trail,” in which public come to meet with the supernatural-themed figures. In the United States, Knott’s Halloween Haunt at California’s Knott’s Berry Farm, Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, Disney land Resort, the Universal Studios theme parks in Orlando and Hollywood become the largest Halloween attractions for their annual Halloween
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