Know Nothing Party Immigrants

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The backbone of the United States has been refugees and immigrants who settled to live the American Dream. The overall desire for immigrants is to live a better life-- not only just for themselves, but also for their children. Many people conceptualize the United States a symbol of freedom and prosperity including the freedom of worship and speech. The United States also allows refugees to escape from their previous poverty or persecution. In the past, the refugees have played an important role in impacting the actions of a country. Their labors allowed the United States to prosper during the Industrial Revolution. In the past, American views of emigration were based on the restrictive ideas of nativism and xenophobia, most prominent in entities like the Know-Nothing Party and the American Protective Association. Immigration was ironically misconstrued as the corruptor of American ideals and culture, considering that…show more content…
YOU need more details to explain the connections and the reasons Nativism and xenophobia Need to explain what they are--who faces their impact then, and who faces them now???? had a severe effect on the population during nineteenth century. A nativist party was formed called the Know Nothing Party also known as the American Party. The party’s platform was based on anti- Catholic rhetoric. Drawing a later parallel, the American Protective Association, was also based on the anti- Catholic platform. Both of the parties sought to purify the political system by eliminating Catholics from the government 's. The members of the parties believed that the members of the Catholic church were controlled by the Pope and did not have the belief of American values are you referring Freedom or other values???? you need to clarify. WHERE ARE YOUR QUOTES AND
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