Know The Future In Oedipus The King

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The wanting to know your future plagues everyone in society. It is like a bug that gets inside of you making you lose your mind over the fact of the way of not knowing is the only way that is going to kill you. For the ones who know the future live in fear. The ones who don 't know are still living in that fear. No matter what one does to know or to not know what the future has for them leads to this concept of what is the point of living in fear. They live in fear for the what will happen leading them to run away as fast as they can from it. Within Oedipus The King the wanting of not let the future play out is what leads to the cause of the future. Within the book there is a great example of what the fear of the future holds for all of us, as people we don 't want the truth to come out about us or to lead us to believe that if changing to present dramatically could also at hand change our future which leads us…show more content…
Life it 's such a beautiful experience to live that has so many more possible ways that people could live it out. But many people have a pattern in life that is life a set in stone path and we have put the main type of patterns in major categories. Now there is a major difference to knowing and not knowing one 's future. Yes there is many ways to knowing your future but are they all correct in what they stand for? Is that path that you are on the right one for you and is it your calling? One can say that they are trying to be on this path and they will do anything in that power to go down that path but is it honestly truly their path? Facing the fact that you do not know your future is real and it 's honestly correct. When others say that they know what they have and know what they wanted in life since day one is someone who is a liar because it 's a simple random game that has countless possibilities that it offers. There is countless ways to know the future that you will have but they do so many damaging things to the body soul and mind of
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