Instinctive Judgment Research Paper

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"Ways of knowing are a check on our instinctive judgments". To what extent do you agree with this statement? To consider instinctive judgments, we have to consider people. People are the ones doing the knowing with all their ways of knowing, all the beliefs they build from them, and all their biases. Making instinctive judgments about almost everything is a perfectly natural instinct since they carry out the process of immediate awareness and knowledge that does not associate with reasoning or analysis. However, these snap judgments can be more innate or more learned depending on our ways of knowing when making decisions. While looking at ethics, religious knowledge systems and natural sciences, the role of ways of knowing -- which are intuition,…show more content…
When you know that you like someone but you can't tell why, your knowledge is instinctive. For example, love at first sight which is an emotional intuitive attitude indicating an immediate response without wanting to further explain the feeling. It is a personal intuition of an experience described as mystical experience. These encounters are often described as a feeling that cannot be communicated to someone who has not experienced it. Emotion identifies instinctive judgments as a personal knowledge since sharing this knowledge to someone else who has not yet experience what you have felt might be seen as a fraud impression. They remain personal and…show more content…
These two examples can be extremely useful to us if we need to make very quick judgments. However, reason is a way of knowing that ensures the rationality of the judgment made, hence not being a check or support on our instinctive judgment. The knowledge questions statement lies on both the agreement and disagreement criterion. The knowledge question can also be interpreted in another way by saying that instinctive judgments are a check on our ways of knowing. The areas of knowledge depends on the three ways of knowing to help clarify all the knowledge claims mentioned. The extent which these instinctive judgments can aid in the pursuit of knowledge does not only depend strictly on innate decisions but also educated decisions. Because of our ways of knowing, we have an idea of how judgments pop into our consciousness without our being aware of the mental processes that led to
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