Knowledge And Experience In Richard Wright's Black Boy

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Brain controls all of the organs in our body and what makes human different from animals is that we have the ability to think and have our own thoughts. Everything is possible in reality and what makes it possible is our knowledge. Richard Wright, who explains the definition of the word cognitive the best by using his memoir the ‘Black Boy’. In his memoir Richard explains his struggles of life as a child, teen and adult. But eventually succeed using his knowledge and experience. In Richard Wright’s Black Boy, Richard’s cognitive need meets and continuous to achieve his dream by unit people together and taught them how to be a good human being through his writing. Richard’s cognitive need is not meet as a young child, because his family is…show more content…
One day Richard sees his boss and the son are beating a black woman because of her loan. His boss and the son see him at the near store. They hand in a cigarette to show their ‘gesture of kindness’ and worn Richard to ‘keep his mouth shut’ (180). This shows Richard’s ability to analyze the hidden meaning behind something and able to react appropriately in the south. Richard is tired of being a ‘non-man’, so he decides to go to the north. Lucky that he finds this place that could get him a lot of money by learn how to make glasses. Until he realizes that the white workers don’t teach him anything. One day that the white workers order Richard to explain why isn't he calling them Mr. or Sir instead of their first name, if he refuses to claim his fault they will kill him. Richard is so scared that he doesn't want to tell his boss, but when his boss is asking him why he leaves his job he realizes that he ‘is facing in a wall’ that he would ‘never breech’(191). Richard’s understanding of seeing the ‘ditch’ between him and white people and no matter what he does he will never be like them. After Richard quit his job, his friend recommend him to work at a hotel and it is the first time Richard realize that every African-American people who work for whites steal things. And he doesn't want to do it because he…show more content…
After moving to the North, Richard first reads about Mencken in the American Mercury. That is when he start to questioning himself about if “there’s any people other than African-Americans” who had been “criticized in the South”(245)? His inquiry on the magazine demonstrates that he is able to expand his view on not only the criticized of African-American but criticized in South. When Richard’s weight is not meets for the physical examination of the job at the post office, he is worry about getting a new job. At the first time in North, he start to worry about getting back to his old life in the South which “becomes his desire to measure accurately the reality of this world” (283). His struggles reflect that Richard is wanting to meet the world’s demand. Richard finally gets his job at the post office, but he doesn't find himself fitting in with the rest of his co-workers so he joins a club that he actually feels belong with. Then he finds out about the Communists party through his club and he feels that he belongs. Richard starts to questioning himself after he showed the poster of him acting poor and wretched to his mom, were the Communists trying to use him just so “that they could capitalize on the publicity”? or they really want to be
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