Knowledge Globalization In William Coelho's The Alchemist

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When you think of globalization, do you think about country leaders being interconnected and working together? In most scenarios that is quite accurate, but in the novel The Alchemist, globalization is shown in a simplistic manner. The simple act of sharing a book with another person can be an example of knowledge globalization, this refers to the sharing of knowledge with others. Globalization is the process of interconnecting others within culture, tradition, beliefs and economic stability. In regards to identity, each character illustrates who they are and how they display themselves within society. Our identity defines who we are and everything that makes us unique. Identity within our community allows diversification and the opportunity to gain knowledge about the distinct aspects of foreign cultures. Tourism is a pertinent…show more content…
When the details of a characters’ identity are disclosed to us within a novel or short story, the author is allowing us to establish a relationship with that character. In the novel The Alchemist, few details about Santiagos life are known. Although, we do know that he currently lives in Andalusia: “The shepherd told her of the Andalusian countryside, and related the news from other towns where he had stopped.”(Coelho, 2) It is implied at the beginning of the story that his profession is that of a shepherd: “He saw to it that all the sheep entered the ruined gate, and then laid some planks across it to prevent the flock from wandering away during the night.”(Coelho, 1) It is also evident throughout this novel that he is incredibly responsible. He doesn’t act like a teenager, he acts like a man: “They [sheep] trust me, and they’ve forgotten how to rely on their own instincts, because I lead them to nourishment.”(Coelho, 3) The identity of Santiago in this novel never falters, just as our own identities tend to remain the way we are throughout our

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