Knowledge In Oedipus The King

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What could be worse than a man who kills his father, marries his mother and then stabs his eyes out? The story of Oedipus. The king, by Sophocles, Oedipus story was more than a mess up it was something that just happened to him cause it was his fate. Knowledge does not always make one wise. Sometimes we take our knowledge and make it seem that we are bigger than we really are. In the beginning Oedipus know very little, he came from corinth to thebes like a stranger he doesn't know the mess he is in and the mess about to occur. Other people know, and hide the truth from oedipus. Oedipus has killed his father, saved thebes from the sphinx and its riddle, and become king. The citizens believe that solving the Sphinx’s riddle makes Oedipus wise. They are…show more content…
Oedipus was getting hints of his prophecy and knowledge. King Oedipus hears Laius prophecy, thebes is looking for laius murder to bring healing to the city. Jocasta doesn't want him to keep searching because she is afraid. “I feel that my own curse now begins to descend on me.” (line 703, part 2) The killing of Laius is starting to clear up, it was the same way he killed the man on his way back to Thebes. “What man? Why does it matter? Leave it alone.” (line 188, part 2) Jocasta is afraid that the truth might actually be true, she doesn't want him to continue but he is arrogant and doesn't stop. In the end of the play, knowledge causes Oedipus to fall into ruin. Oedipus knowledge didn't help him where he most needed it, even though he defeated the sphinx and saved thebes anything can go into ruin like that. The truth come out maybe something Oedipus would have better off not knowing? Oedipus married his mother, Jocasta is dead and Oedipus pokes his eyes out, Thebes is in mourning. “Aaah, all has come to pass. All is true!” (line 314, part 2) what Oedipus is trying to find is his misery, Oedipus is tormented by his
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