Strength-Based Approach Case Study

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Building on from previous researches, a social worker now begins thinking of their own theories of knowledge and what they believe is happening in different situations. This links to the next type of knowledge which is theoretical knowledge. This is where ideas and concepts are formulated from research to present a viewpoint to enable us to explain conditions (Hudson, 1997). To improve Asim’s schooling situation, some theories suggest the key is to improving school experiences which would better the school-based mental health programs for refugees and ultimately increase school belonging (Kia-Keating & Ellis, 2007). While another suggests using pedagogical strategies, catering for students professional learning needs and managing policies…show more content…
I choose this because it places a focus on Asim’s strengths and resources which is clearly in sport and it is something that I believe will definitely keep him engaged in school, and help develop him as a person. I also chose this approach because it is culturally sensitive (Houston, 2010) which is a key factor in Asim’s case because he is a Sudanese refugee. Additionally, I agree from this approach that Asim is not the problem, but it is his life challenges and hardship that he faces each day that are the…show more content…
In the case of Asim, I believe he fits under the ‘Interventions Requiring Complex Responses’ category because Asim needs effective support information as he is facing multiple barriers to his learning and well-being. Asim could be experiencing risk factors such as mental health issues, family difficulties and trauma because he comes from a refugee background. These barriers may have impacted the circumstances shown in his case, such as the disengagement from school, fighting and violence in the playground, and the poor grades and academic achievement. To coordinate an effective response to Asim’s case, there needs to be a strong focus on relationships with his peers, family, and significant community groups to ensure a holistic and culturally appropriate intervention is established. I believe this is the most effective domain for Asim because it was outlined in the case that he is the leader of a group of boys with similar academic achievement. Because it is complex, my role here would be to integrate a Student Support Group, and also construct Individual Education Plans, which would provide effective support and learning for Asim and the group (Primary Welfare Officer Service Delivery Domains,
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