Knowledge Management Advantages

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4.0 Benefits of using / having knowledge management Knowledge management plays an important role nowadays by making knowledge available for others through transforming tacit knowledge to explicit knowledge and explicit knowledge to tacit knowledge. This research study shows how knowledge management principles could be used in managing industrial training. At this point of time, industrial training is gaining importance as universities are realigning their curriculum to suit industrial needs. The industrial training apprentice program aims to adequately prepare students for the job market. For that, Knowledge Management of Industrial Training System (KMITS) has been designed for computer science and information technology students to shows how…show more content…
Sharing of knowledge could be intensified if there is a system which links all the trainees such as KMITS. These kinds of sharing go through by the socialization process which is more to tacit knowledge between people. 4.3 Collaboration and Evaluation Knowledge management provides opportunities for the university authorities and concerned companies to continuously co-operate collaborate and evaluate KMITS so that the overall quality of the industrial training could be further improved. For those students who had gone for industrial attachments would have a greater chance of finding employment as companies would have shaped the students ‘skills to be in-line with industrial needs. 4.4 Resolve work related problems Knowledge management helps to resolve work related problems during industrial training and this is done by exchanging ideas. Knowledge management can facilitate future procedure on student attachment and reduce weaknesses in the implementation of industrial training. In other words, the lessons learn can be used to rectify or set right certain procedures on placement of students in…show more content…
In implementing knowledge management, there were still challenges and problems that need to face on especially in the system process which is involve many participant. 5.1 Participation. There appears to be a lack of support from either fellow students or supervisors that make knowledge management are not been implement by all. There is absolutely no Electronic Learning Platform (ELP). In other words, there is no electronic mentoring involved. In fact, there needs to be interaction between supervisors and students at least through e-mail messages. This means there is a flaw in the existing Industrial Training procedure and this must be put right. KMITS attempts to resolve this issue by providing a ‘FORUM‘ facility which allows a threaded discussion. 5.2 Less exchange knowledge Level of exchanging knowledge in FCSIT is not high and this in a way indicates that there is an absence of best practices for sharing knowledge in universities pertaining to industrial training. Students are not encouraging themself in share their knowledge especially to those pertaining to experiences to industrial training. This point goes against the appropriate administration of KM for the benefit of students in

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