Km Case Study

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Recent trends in KM are leading most of the major corporations to use KM initiatives, especially to improve employees’ skills and knowledge to product innovative products in faster and efficient way to get competitive advantage. Effective and efficient knowledge has been recognized as the main and important intangible resource to achieve distinctive competencies that are strongly needed and basis in these knowledge-based organizations. Customers become sophisticated and want innovative products, new and disruptive technology, hyper-competition make companies to utilize their knowledge assets very well. At the meantime, enabling organizations to capture, share and apply the collective experiences, lesson learned and know-how of employees has…show more content…
Because of intensified market competition, PTT strive to operate its business operations in align with a sustainability strategy by maintaining a balance of being a high performance organization and of an endeavor to the continuous improvement of technology, innovation and knowledge. It enhances business operations based on knowledge, expertise, experiences of personnel and cooperation among companies in PTT Group. It possesses a lot of experiences, important lessons learned and powerful resource to get this long-term survival. Knowledge management capability plays important roles of to utilize successfully the PTT’s company’s resources in order to improve performance.
To summarize, organization’s strategy should pay high attention on developing and implementing KM practices in the organization. Strategy serves as a building block to become effective KM and organization needs to have related KM infrastructure to support strategy and KM process. These three elements of strategy, KM infrastructure and process have strong impact on the organization and these all should have alignment. Therefore, research objectives are derived from this analysis and as follows:
(1) To analyze the impact of overall company strategy on KM infrastructure, process and organizational performance
(2) To examine specifically in the context of PTT the contribution of KM infrastructure
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