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Knowledge Management Systems
Knowledge Management Systems are used for storing and the application of KM within a firm.
It is an important part of the Knowledge Management which is required to store and retrieve knowledge and information and also used for other tasks like enhancing the KM process, collaboration of information and knowledge and for data mining.
Though not similar to Business Intelligence, a good KMS helps enable organizations make the right business decisions to improve their competitive advantage.
A KMS usually consists of a central user interface used by the people to access and create information and several software modules which are linked to it.
These software modules are used to fetch information, update, add information....etc.
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To access the knowledge: These tools are used for knowledge retrieval, they work on the indexing feature classifying the knowledge based on the content and through collaboration dynamics.
2. Semantic Mapping: These are used to present the information, help in the analysis and decision making. Anacubis is one of the software tools used by researchers and in business intelligence for visual discovery and analysis. It helps researchers create, import, distribute and also analyze the visuals of their analysis.
3. Knowledge Extraction: There are tools which help in the extraction of knowledge through structured queries. They interpret the relationships in different documents relating to the specific elements and help in text mining the information. Clear Forest is one of the suites used for Text analysis to extract information from text and html documents.
4. Collaboration Tools: Used for real time collaboration of information which can be used by geographically dispersed teams creating an online workspace. This facilitates the sharing of information in an easy, timely and at low costs. Quick Place is one such tool helping in real time collaborations which is a Lotus web based software

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