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Knowledge management technology taxonomy

Many researchers agree that the current stage of economic development is characterized first of all by an increase in the role of information, to be precise - of knowledge, in determining the level of capitalization. The concept of "corporate knowledge" is closely intersects with popular nowadays concepts as "intellectual capital". Without going into the details of the relationship of these concepts, we take as a working definition as follows: intellectual capital - is the knowledge which is used to maximize the economic performance of the company. An effective intellectual capital is a source of financial well-being in the long term, therefore, intellectual capital can be considered as one of the
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However, the acquisition of professional experience in a natural way - the process is very long, in addition, time between his own experience is always accompanied by a number of errors, failures that bring the company losses or reduce its performance. Effective knowledge management organization allows you to quickly overcome the gap between professional experienced staff and newcomers, transferring knowledge through the last special mediator - a knowledge management system.
Enterprise knowledge management system should be an essential part of the overall management system of the company. In operation, the cps ensures the reproduction of human capital, as well as translation of unstable human capital in a more stable structure and process of capital through the creation and filling of corporate knowledge bases. At the heart of the knowledge management process is the object of alienation of knowledge from experts and sharing this knowledge with all employees of the company through automated decision support
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The use of formalized alienated experience provides fertile ground for the creation of new original ideas, innovation, know-how and inventions. Thus, the intellectual capital increases during

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