Knowledge Sharing Culture Essay

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Knowledge sharing culture plays very important role in the successful implementation of Knowledge Management in any organization. The culture of knowledge creation and knowledge sharing do play very important role in the successful implementation of Knowledge Management in any Public or Private Institution of Higher Learning. A study has been conducted to explore the current status of Knowledge Sharing culture among the Community of Practice in Malaysian Public and private Institution of Higher Education. Therefore, the main objectives of this study also: to identify the components that can influence knowledge sharing behaviour and to determine the levels of knowledge sharing behaviour in order to foster and straightening the knowledge sharing culture among students at University Kuala Lumpur British Malaysian Institute.
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This study had discussed and revealed the different essentials of culture and to know in depth the key elements of the knowledge sharing like leadership, attitude and the technologies. The main idea is to facilitate the institutions consist of staff and students to have a good knowledge sharing culture by fostering and strengthening the environment. Knowledge rather than capital or labour is the only meaningful resource in the knowledge society. To some point, every human process issues are a key success factor because everyone is important since people formed institutions to accomplish tasks. However, knowledge sharing is the keystone of many institutions. Some might not be capable to function as knowledge based organizations since they suffer from knowledge sharing disabilities. Knowledge sharing can be conceptualized as a particular case of paradigmatic social situation known as social dilemma. There is another type of social dilemma is the public-good dilemma that will be explain

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