Knowledge Technological Factors Influencing Human Resources

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Abstract: Across centuries, knowledge was proved as a key organizational source of success in all fields and its necessity is being recognized by both individuals and the organizations. Knowledge sharing is the fundamental to generate new ideas and develop new business opportunities through which employees can contribute to knowledge application, innovation, and ultimately the competitive advantage of the organization. Despite the fact, KS does not come easy. Though, it needs the capability and the willingness of individuals to engage in KS which is better known as KSC. Upon a critical review on factors affecting KS, this paper attempts to review the technological factors that have been cited as significant in influencing employee’s knowledge…show more content…
Technology can enhance the sharing of knowledge by reducing the restriction pertaining to distance and time. Despite the function of ICT as facilitator to knowledge transfer, a number of studies were conducted to identify technology-related factors that affect employee’s KSC (Islam and Khan, 2014). Some of the important technological factors influencing employee KSC are as follows:
ICT infrastructure: Knowledge sharing cannot exist in organizations without technology infrastructure (Hasanali, 2002, Chabrow, 1999). The up to date ICT infrastructure could help employee create, transfer and share knowledge (Syed Omar & Rowland, 2004). It serves as facilitator that encourages and support knowledge sharing and eliminating barriers to communication among employees within the organization. ICT infrastructure needs to be in place to facilitate the endeavour (Beckman 1999) especially to support the creation, structuring, penetration and usage of knowledge (Brink, 2003; Ismail and Yusof,
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2004; Tan 2004; Willcoxson 2003; Noor and salim, 2011). This indicates that ICT plays dominant role in knowledge management (Smith, 2001; Ismail and Yusof, 2010) and contributed to improve KSC among individuals. Only one IT solution can’t resolve all enterprise requirements in knowledge management. Therefore enterprises should implement a mix of several information technologies and create appropriate organizational environment for knowledge sharing in order to develop an effective knowledge management system (Hussian,

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