Knute Rockne Character Analysis

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Character:Knute Rockne Main Idea Essay
Hook:passing was very rare in a football game until I came along. Introduction and Background info (birthplace, birthdate, any relevant childhood info, relevant relationship info, etc.): I was born in voss, Norway. I came into this world on the 4th of March in 1888. I emigrated to Chicago at 5 years old with my parents smith and Martha Rockne
Thesis: I Was a very successful tight end at the university of notre dame. I also coached college football at the university of notre dame.
Main idea 1:
Chicago is where I played a couple of my first football games on the sandlots of my Logan Square neighborhood. I was a star in both football and track and field when I was in high school, but I didn't have enough
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In my coaching career at the university of notre dame I held the most college football career wins. I guided my team the "Fighting Irish" for 13 seasons before my death in 1931. I helped the Indiana school find its prime in the days I coached at the university. I was also Known for my spiritual and sometimes telltale team pep talks at halftime. One of my most famous pep talks was "win one for the Gipper" during halftime in 1928 when notre dame played against army. We were losing, so I gave an inspirational speech about one of the greatest that played for notre dame. I told my team what his last words were before he died but no one really believed me but we came back out and we won the game. I changed the game of football by introducing new strategies and techniques. We still use these strategies more than seventy years after my death. One My strategies was we huddled in compact groups and fought for the ball and used physical strength. I also introduced the box formation and influence blocking, this made football more exciting for the crowd . Especially when I put strategy that emphasized deception and speed. I claimed what was soon to be called as the "Notre Dame shift,"My work of art was also known as the precision backfield move. other moves I perfected were crowd pleasers. Some coaches came together to try to come up with plans to stop me but none succeeded.
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