Koalas Research Paper

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Koalas are one of the few marsupials that are mammals in the world. Koalas can transmit sexual transmitted dieseas (“Koala facts and information”). Koalas have many physical description and they have a specific location that they live in. Reproduction is a big part in there lives and they are a big target for predators. The description and behavior is a unique thing. Koalas are one of the most charismatic of all marsupials with there large wide face and round white ears, giving it the appearance of a small bear, along with their lack of a visible tail and smooth black nose(“Animals,A-Z”). Koalas are a solitary and nocturnal animals that spends most of the daytime hours sleeping in the eucalyptus tree. There fluffy ears have excellent sense of hearing(“Koalas:facts about iconic marsupials”). Koalas are highly skilled at their sense of smell such as their hearing (“Australian koala…show more content…
Koalas have large sharp claws to help them climb trees. Their hands and feet are built go around tree very tightly their hands have two opposable thumbs, providing better grip. Koalas fur is dense and looks soft grey or brown fur which is lighter on their rear(“Animals,A-Z”). Koalas fur isn’t as soft as it looks. It is very coarse like wool. Their fur doesn’t get wet it keeps them dry when it rains(“Koalas:facts about iconic marsupials”). Koalas don 't get really tall they get about 2 or 3 feet tall when fully grown. Female koalas are smaller than the male adults(“Australian koala foundation”). Some of the koalas weight is different due to where they live like the northern weighs up to 9 to 19 lbs and the southern weighs up to 15 to 29 lbs, big difference(“Koalas:facts about iconic marsupials”). Male koalas weigh 50% more than females according to San diego zoo. Koalas don’t drink water because they get all their water from the leafs but
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