Kobe Beef Persuasive Speech

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From succulent rib-eye steaks to perfectly marbled beef briskets, Snake River Farms and Williams-Sonoma bring you the highest quality meats and pork that you cannot find at your local grocer. Kobe beef is world-renowned for its rich marble and incredible tenderness, making it one of the most sought after styles of beef. However, Kobe, Japan is a long way to travel for a cut of beef unless you’re a professional BBQ pit master. Therefore, we bring the American version of Kobe beef to your front door.

Our selection of Kobe beef includes a set of four supremely moist and tender rib-eye steaks, which many people consider the best grilling steak in the world. If you consider yourself a weekend grilling aficionado, the last thing you want to do is waste time with previously frozen beef. Our selection of rib-eyes were dry-aged for 28 days and cut with precision by a master butcher. This selection of rib-eyes actually baste themselves during grilling as the melting fat from the steak moistens the meat.

Smoking a beef brisket to perfection where you can slice the meat with a butter knife doesn’t require the skills of a professional pit master, it only requires the right cut of beef. Our selection of Kobe beef briskets will leave your family and friends
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If you want to try a premium cut of meat without breaking the bank, then our selection of flat-iron steaks is a great choice. The wholesome beef flavor and marbling creates a perfect blend of flavor, and you can enhance the essence of the steaks by using a combination of rubs and spices from our extensive collection. Add a set of our hand-trimmed and sliced Kobe filet mignon steaks to your grilling to do list. Also known as a tenderloin steak, our selection of filet mignon’s create a buttery sensation with each bite you take due to its perfect portions and mild

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