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Kobe Bryant was once quoted saying, “You always have to be on edge. You always have to take every practice, every game, like it is your last”. He has proven this by winning five championships, two scoring titles, one season MVP, and has been elected to fifteen all-NBA teams. Kobe Bryant was born in 1978 in Philadelphia. His father, Joe “jelly” Bryant was also a basketball player. In 1984 Joe left the NBA and took his family to Italy for him to play in international basketball. Kobe took after his dad’s love of basketball. Since NBA games weren’t televised in Italy he would wait for tapes to be shipped from the United States to watch. In 1991, Kobe’s family moved back to Philadelphia. Kobe attended Lower Merion High School where he played on his first basketball team. Kobe’s hard work earned him a starting role for all four years. His senior year Kobe was nominated for Nation High School Player of the Year. He averaged thirty points, twelve rebounds, six assists, four steals, and three blocked shots. He also led the school to their first championship in fifty-three years.…show more content…
At seventeen, Kobe announced he would skip college to join the NBA. This came as controversy, some saying he was ready, while others saying he was pushed by his parents to go straight into the NBA. However Kobe impressed many NBA teams with his offensive skills, one of those being the Lakers. On draft night, Kobe was drafted number thirteen to the Charlotte Hornets. The Lakers however made a trade for Kobe. By trading their center, Vlade Divac, the Lakers were able to sign Kobe Bryant. During the free agency the Lakers made another move, signing star center Shaquille

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