Kobe Bryant: The Old Time Basketball Legend

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Kobe bryant was born on August 23 in 1978 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was named after a famous japanese steak that his parents had went and order from the restaurant that they was attending. His parent thought naming him kobe would be interesting and that it would be good for him. Kobe Bryant was born in Mercy hospital, when Kobe became born he had a slight problem wrong with him, his ear was connected to his leg and the umbilical cord was wrapped around him. The doctors at the hospital was able to get him in good shape for him to go home with his parents.
Kobe Bryant is the son of the old time basketball legend, Joe Bryant also known as jellybean Bryant. Joe Bryant was all about basketball and loved the game. When Kobe was 5 months old his father had won the NBA finals and brought home the big trophy, ring and all the money he had won for taking the NBA finals home and working hard to get that win. Kobe was the child of a star almost the crowd
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Kobe was passing first grade he had been doing real good in school and also been doing on the court, his parents were so proud of him because of how hard he had worked hard during the whole time he was stressing and did not let any of the stuff that was going on between them stop him. On the day of his first game he already knew that he was going to get the win because he and all of his teammates were ready to get busy on the court. Kobe had got a pep talk from his father about the pointers about basketball his dad was ready and believed in him and told him to keep playing and to never give and give it all he got. The coach thought that his dad was good at giving Kobe advice so Kobe 's coach asked the father if he wanted to join the coaching staff because he said that he would love to have him apart of

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