Kobe Carter Jones: A Short Story

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Life sure has a lot of balls to mess with me. Really man, I’m talking 8 ball, football, and basketball. And just so you know, whoever messes with me always faces repercussions, but this time that promise just might be a little harder to back up. I was born on the loveliest chthonian night that anyone, (or maybe just Stan Lee) could dream up for a superhero origin story. In fact the lights of the rundown hospital my mother birthed me in turned off for a couple of seconds and then came back on. This is what my mother attributes my occasional mean streaks and unoccasional sarcasm to (hence the lovely chthonian night). Overall I am a nice guy except when I start balling. I believe I get my competitive spirit from my name Kobe Carter Jones. I…show more content…
This guy’s name was Andrew Barnet and people called in A.B. except for me of course. I took to calling him ABC because, to me that was all he knew in his little peanut head. The reason that we didn’t like each other was that he was supposed to be the person to usurp my position as the top baller of my age. The people who were trying to beat Swinks out in the bets poured a lot of money into getting ABC into the top programs for football, basketball, and they even taught him 8 ball, but the fact of the matter is he doesn’t have my drive. Thus the futile rivalry began. It always seemed to be me and him duking it out for the starting spot in football or basketball and hitting the final shot in 8 ball for the big cash. I would always emerge the victor and then ABC would go join a rival team to try and take me down. I would always enjoy those games because that was when the opposing team would concentrate on my play and my team would step up in a big way and win the game. In those days life was good and easy. Then four words would make my life more difficult than what it already was, high school and women. I had always been the type of person who could be friendly to people and would say hello even to the nerds but know that I was in high school some people (meaning girls) wanted a little more than a hello especially since I was a known sports
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