Kodak Case Study

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1. Introductions A US based multinational company, but with operations run all over the world. Kodak was established in 1889 by George Eastman, the company produced photographic and imaging materials and equipment (Fandel, 2007). Kodak was famous for the photographic film that they produced, and it has been widely used all over the world, back then Kodak has been successful in the industry and they managed to secure the highest market share. However, due to the high development of technology, other players have been investing in R&D heavily, therefore the competition increased drastically, more players joined the industry to share the pie. Then there comes the downfall of the business of the company, when the digital imaging has been introduced to the market in the late 1990s and Kodak was leading in its own adaptation (Black, 2010). There are advantage and disadvantage to commercial firm like Kodak for the rapid development of technology. The advantage comes from when they are able to make use of the development of the new technology, and enhance their competitiveness. At the same time, development of technology brings and increases competition that pushed commercial firm to change and to come up with better strategies, which failure to do so will cost the future of the company. At the core of globalization, development of technology has increased the competition and at the same time opens up new market for companies (Korgaonkar O’Leary, 2008). This memo will focus on the
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