Brief Overview Of The Kodkod In Southern Chile

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What animal can climb a tree that is a meter in diameter with ease, and this animal is about 45 cm in length? The Kodkod! The Kodkod, pronounced kod kid, is a type of an undomesticated cat that lives in Southern Chile, and little parts of Argentina. There are many more interesting facts about the Kodkod, which you can learn here. I have stated before that the Kodkod lives in Southern Chile and parts of Argentina, they live near the coastal area, and the temperate deciduous forests of Southern Andean. Now that I stated this fact, the biome the Kodkod usually lives in is the deciduous forest. Most of deciduous forests have five zones, Tree Stratum zone, small tree and sapling zone, shrub zone, herb zone, and ground zone.The Kodkod will go from zone to zone but usually stay in the trees to relax or get away from predators. The main forests the Kodkod is usually found at is the Valdivian and Araucaria forests of Chile. The Kodkod likes the moist weather of these forests but they can change their habitats at times to secondary…show more content…
Male Kodkods average about 45 cm , while females Kodkods average ar 42 cm. It can weigh about 2.3 kg, for males and 1.5 kg for females. You can usually find the Kodkod near ravines in vegetation in the Deciduous forests. They also relax in treetops or to get away from domesticated dogs, or they sleep in dead gorse that are near ravines. It’s diet consists of mice, rice rats, which are rodents, birds, lizards, small marsupials. The Kodkod doesn’t usually eat leafy things. The Kodkod niche is to help stop the rodent, and small marsupials’ population from over populating. Since the Kodkod hunts so many rodents, they are prey. The adaptation of the Kodkod is a heightened sound and sight to help it hunt, it has tail to help balance the animal, just like most animals that have a tail. It also has to make sure of what it eats because it is so

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