Kohr Crohn's Disease: A Case Study

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argued in her opening statement Tuesday that Kohr was negligent, and said his pre-existing condition caused his problems” (Associated Press 1). This means Kohr Crohn’s disease was a long term, and extensive problem that started before the spilled coffee. Also he was negligent, because he spilled the coffee, and did not take responsibility for his own actions. The way Kohr believed his injuries would be justified was by filing a lawsuit, and seeking $750,000 dollars. Crohn’s disease was already a serious condition for Kohr over time even if they coffee didn’t spill on him he would eventually need surgery. The final ruling took jurors two days to come up with a verdict. On May 11, 2015 majority of the jurors were against Kohr 10-2. This was…show more content…
Starbucks will not be liable for a free cup of coffee that spilled on Matthew Kohr. Therefore the amount Mr. Kohr was seeking $750,000 dollars will not be paid to him. He will not get any money from Starbucks to cover his medical cost, and legal fees. Starbucks does not have to pay anything to Mr. Kohr not even a penny, I believe Starbucks biggest strong point to jurors was that Kohr didn’t go to the emergency room right after the spill he went home to document photos, and then went two hours later to emergency room. Future implications for major franchise’s that serve coffee like Starbucks should have safety accessories that locks the lid. This means the coffee lid is locked and secured there is no way of opening the lid. Customers know how many cream and sugar they want in their coffee, so once the employee makes the coffee the way the customer wants it the lid locks. There is no way of opening the cup, however there is a small tab hole for the customer to use a stir stick to stir there coffee to perfection the way they desire. Another implication is having coffee cups stating not liable if spilled on you in bold letters, or even have the current caution labels bigger on coffee cups. This case is in
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