Kola's Day At The Beach Short Story

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Kola’s Day at The Beach

This is the story of a little boy name Kola and the adventure he had one day at the beach.
Kola was curious about everything around him. Living on an island where there are so many beautiful things to see he wanted to discover it all. He grew up in the island of Oahu in the state of Hawaii in a town called Waianae.
The island he grew up on was beautiful beyond words. On one side of the island were mountains shaped like wide cones covered from top to bottom with a green shiny carpet of wet grass. On the other side of the island was the ocean as far as the eye could see. The water is three shades of light blue, dark blue
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“Oh I understand, it’s a little early for all of us”! But when he gets up we have a great day planed!

They dropped Momma off at the bus stop kissed her goodbye and went back to the campgrounds. (city bus green and white titled THE Bus)

The Kimura’s were the caretakers for the Seventh-day Adventist Church camp grounds in

Waianae. It was a beautiful spot to camp in. The road up there was pretty rough. It was filled

with lots of small rocks and driving up there was a bouncy ride all the way. But when you

reached the top you saw a pretty white house surrounded by rough jaggered mountains and

green rolling hill in front of the mountains. On the other side were wooden cabins for the campers and a big kitchen.

A huge tree was in the middle of the grounds with a large picnic table. Here we would eat under it on nice days.

As they drove up the rough road they could see the sky full of stars. Some small some large

some bright as the moon and others not so bright. But there were so many that it looked like

there was not one empty space in the sky! It seemed so low you could touch it. It was just
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