Kolb's Learning Style Analysis

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Theory of learning

In 1984 David Kolb published his learning styles. Inspired by the work of Kurt Lewin, it lays out four main learning styles. These styles follow each other so concrete experience is followed by reflection on that experience on a personal basis. This can then be followed by abstract conceptualisation onto active experimentation leading to the next concrete experience. This process overall can anything from a few days to months. Kolb’s theory is focused on the student’s internal cognitive processes. Kolb theorises that the basis of learning new concepts is new experiences. His theories can be broken down into four categories:
Diverging (feeling and watching - CE/RO) - different perspectives, sensitive, visual experience
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Honey and Mumford
Honey and Mumford published their learning style in 1982. They identified four learning styles; activist, reflector, theorist, pragmatist. This is related to Kolb’s but he related the process to forms of knowledge.
At a more basic level this means that there a teacher or learner may have to adjust their style to suit the other. There styles may vary or they may be complementary. Either way there should be a cross over at certain stages. Neglecting certain stages can impede a learner’s progress. The process can be broken down as such:
Activists (stage 1): learning through experience, challenging, broad and open minded.
Reflectors (stage 2): reviewing what you have just experienced. Gather information, analyse, delay reaching conclusions, gathering your thoughts, listening before speaking.
Theorists (stage 3): concluding from the experience, logical, rational, objective.
Pragmatists (stage 4): planning the next steps, seeking and trying out new ideas, practical, makes decisions
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In this job I studied part-time for insurance exams and have been doing part-time courses since. I have always loved my role as a student and enjoy being in education. Education is something I place great value on. I hope in the future to continue in the area of education but as a teacher. It is something I’ve been doing on and off for years in a voluntary capacity. I am interested in different learning styles and theories as I feel any information that could help me as a teacher is of use to me.
Although I have been in education a long time it has taken me many years to acknowledge my own learning styles. Though out my education I have tried every style and tool of education until finally learning to stick to what suits me rather than a tool that suits somebody else. This is what I’ve discovered about my learning style throughout the years;
I have found that when I am in a stressful exam situation the information I can most readily recall is what I heard in class rather than anything I studied myself outside of the classroom. I learn best through listening and then reviewing notes at a later date to refresh my

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