Kolb's Model Of Active Learning

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According to me, learning is a continuous process that happens hroughout one’s life i.e. from birth until death. To learn means acquiring knowledge and skill and it can happen in many ways:
• By exploring and experiencing.
• Learning from others.
• It can happen through activities which is done in group or individually.
According to Kingsley and Garry “learning is the process by which behavior is originated or changes through practice or training.” (1957, p.12) learning can also be defined as a “process whereby knowledge, skill and behavior are gained by an individual.” (James 2007) Kolb’s model of learning can be used as a description of learning process with emphasis on TURNING EXPERIENCE INTO LEARNING. The ELT model is highly relevant
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b) Employing inclusive teaching strategies i.e., teaching ways that do not exclude students from opportunities to learn. c) Promoting student engagement through active learning. I.e., it requires students to participate in class as opposed to sitting and listening quietly. Strategies include brief question and answer session, hands on activities, using mind maps, flowchart etc. d) Teaching with technology i.e., children will be able to learn in creative and innovative ways when properly aligned with instructors learning objectives and course…show more content…
Assessment also helps the students know how they progress in class. Assessment is a process that includes measuring improvement overtime, motivating the students to study, evaluating teacher’s method and ranking student’s capability in relation to the whole group evaluation. Assessment is of 2 types: - formative assessment (assessment for learning) and summative assessment. The purpose of assessment is to assess and identify how much the students have understood what was taught in the class. It also helps the teacher to demonstrate achievement of the learning outcomes.
Effective learning involves the learner’s interaction with people other than the teacher and with the resource provided by the teacher. The teaching techniques that is associated with effective learning are:
- Modelling
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