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In this individual reflective report, I will discuss how the Consulting Project course gave me opportunities to experience, explore and evaluate the real-life business case, how it strengthen my practical business knowledge, problem solving and leadership skills, and how the learning process will support my personal development goals. To help structure my reflective report, I will apply the Kolb’s model of reflection which we learned from the LPDCM course. This model is also known as learning through experience, described through the Kolb’s Learning Cycle: Figure 1. Kolb’s Learning Cycle (Source: Kolb, 2005)

Kolb’s model is built up through the four stages of individual learning process (Kolb, 2005;
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Reflective Observation (Watching)
Despite some arguments about the framework at the beginning of the project, my team is very cooperative, and we have the same perspective, since we already had working experience in previous assignments. Our solid team was confirmed when we had a ‘cone dance exercise’ that we can complete smoothly and very fast.
As the leader, I facilitated the whole work process to enhance group effectiveness, solve problems and achieve the shared goals. I notice that each member has a different characteristic that shapes the team dynamic, which is the unseen forces that strongly influence how a team reacts, performs, or solve problems (William, 2013). Learning from the extensive interaction in the CP course and my professional experiences as HR Professional, I know that a leader should understand her team members’ characteristics, particularly their strengths, weaknesses, personalities, and build a same perspective/vision to facilitate team effectiveness. This initiative will enable each member to contribute their talent, develop a collective agreement to solve problems and achieve the team’s goal effectively. Having an effective work group is very critical for solving the challenge/problems, particularly on how we could deliver a robust recommendation for the client by applying diverse knowledge gained from the MBA course and how we could get reliable data/information from Greenwich Library and multiple
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To avoid personal bias, a leader should not only rely on self-assessment. I refer to Belbin’s team role questionnaire I did in the LPDCM class, feedback from the team, and assessment result from a consultant when I worked as an HR Director, to identify my strengths and weakness. I am aware that I have high work standard, high motivation, enjoy building a partnership, driving execution and innovation to deliver my commitment. However, I should better delegate the task and not to worry too much about the outcomes/perfection, which could result in giving too much pressure to my team. Even though my CP team enjoys our group work, I may stretch them with some pressures for detail and

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