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A creature that walks on all four and is known to have a poisonous bite, this isn 't a dinosaur living in the future it is the Komodo Dragon. People have seen Komodo Dragons in the zoo before and have thought that this creature is harmless, until there were reports of how Komodo Dragons attacked and killed villagers. Komodo dragons attacks are increasing and is causing a problem for the villagers that live on the island with them, but there is a solution.

Komodo dragons attacks in Indonesia is increasing rapidly. News reports from all over Indonesia are describing how vicious and aggresive these animals are when they attck people. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica Online School Edition, "These predators have also been known to occasionally attack and eat human beings." There are many reasons why these animals have been known to attack and kill humans. For example, the komodo dragons main food source is being over hunted and not many of them are left. Another reason, is due to human destruction komodo dragons are trying to protect their young that live in the very little habitats they have left. Komodo dragon attacks are obviously a huge problem that needs to be solved in Indonesia.

Komdo dragons affect the people of Indonesia in a number of negative ways. In fact, the Komodo
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The Natural Indonesia Organization suggests a few ways to keep the komodo dragons away. One way is to not feed the komodo dragons becuase if you feed a komodo dragon it could come back to the village for food. Another example is to ban animals off the island like the dogs. They should ban animals like the dog becuase the dogs and other animals could attract komodo dragons into the village. Another reason is to contact the authority if you see a komodo dragon so that way they can get rid of the animal without it hurting anybody. All in all, the komodo dragon is a dangerous animal but there are ways to stop

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