Konner's Graduation Speech: The Cougar

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A year ago, this same evening, during the early morning hours, we were awoken by a text. All it said, “Konner has been in a horrible accident, please pray for my boy.” Our hearts sunk, as we feared for the worse, yet still hoped for the best. Our hearts broke as prayed for him…and for you.
As the events of the next few days unfolded, and Konner quietly slipped into the arms of Jesus, confusion and pain clouded our thoughts. The question of “why” could not be answered. We searched for answers…All that was left was to listen, pray and love.
The sinking feeling that comes from the reality of the loss and the pain experienced by our dear friends could not be fixed. As we entered into the next week, the focus was how could we help them make it through
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Where did it go and yet why did it take so long? However, as we look back, we realize that Konner has been there with us each day. When we see a truck (especially a diesel), when I think of CDL requirements for my employees at work, when I see a ski boat or watch a Seahawks game, he is there. When we root on the Cougars and celebrate each win, we think of him and of you. When we see a heart or spend time with each of you, he is there and he is with you…we see him, when we see you.
We wrote this note to let you know that we love you and will always be there for you. A few days after Konner died, we mentioned that if the only purpose of our move to Olympia 20 years ago was to get to know you, know Konner and to be with you during the most difficult year you would face, it was all worth it.
God’s ways are above our ways and his thoughts above our thoughts. We will never understand the pain we experience on this side of heaven…But we remain hopeful of the joys we will have when we are with him and reunited with those that have gone before us. Until that day comes, we will hold close to Him, hold close to our friends and loved ones and look forward the day when we see Jesus and see Konner standing next to Him, smiling and asking, “what took you so
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