Kony 2012 Speech

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Jason Russell is the co-founder of the organization ‘’invisible children’’, which is aimed towards stopping Joseph Kony, the worst criminal on the world. Kony abducts children and turns boys into soldiers, while the girls into sexual slaves. Jason wanted to let the world know about this problem, so he made a video called ‘’Kony 2012’’. The video lasts for 30 minutes and throughout these minutes, Jason manages to use abundant amount of appeals and fallacies. The reason being, he wants to inspire millions of people to get involved in his campaign and stop Kony. Looking at only 11:00 to 14:00 minutes, there can be found around 10 appeals as well as fallacies. This video captures attention of different kinds of people. Integration of appeals and…show more content…
In the middle of the video, Jason Russell says that he finally decided to tell his son about Kony. After his son hears about all of those negative actions by Kony, he undoubtedly says, ‘’We should stop him’’. This is very effective because children are though of as being pure and innocent. Children would not have any evil intentions or be cruel; therefore, if the child says that Kony should be stopped, it is a big deal. Even a small, kind, innocent human being thinks that Kony is a bad guy; hence, he must be a very bad guy. Viewers can then make a decision that Kony should definitely be arrested and in order to achieve this, they need to get involved. This appeal also captures attention of parents because Jason Russell’s son might remind them of the children. This drivers them into taking actions even more. To sum up, appeals are used in order to motivate people to become involved, however a combination of appeals strengthens the message significantly. Jason Russell wanted to gain many supporters that would help him in his campaign. Despite other actions he took towards gaining supporters, he made this video that went viral, capturing attention of millions of people. In order to convey his message better, he used a huge amount of appeals and fallacies. After all, the video is clearly successful as it has over 100 000 000
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