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Kool-Aid Consent A popular comment made in regards to attending the Chief Petty Officer Academy is, “don’t drink the Kool-Aid”. The Chief Petty Officer Academy provided several tools that will positively impact the Coast Guard. Fitness and well-being, coaching and various surveys will help improve my interaction with others and ultimately their future interactions. Fitness and well-being should be a high priority for all service members. Sometimes fitness and well-being is one of the first things that get abandoned when life gets busy. The importance of understanding what you are putting into your body is truly important. The way that nutrition fuels your body and affects your health is something not everyone understands. Sometimes, it might be up to the chief to help a subordinate, peer or family member to make better well informed choices to positively affect their overall health. The ying to nutrition’s yang is fitness. During the Chief Petty Officer Academy I learned different work-outs that I can employee at IS “A” School and at home. Although, physical training is not included in the school’s curriculum, physical training is essential for a fit for life mentality. I will definitely make it a priority…show more content…
I understand this more after reading my LPI 360 assessment. Although, the feedback was mostly positive I have identified ways to become a better more valuable leader. In the numbers portion I received pretty low scores in finding ways to celebrate accomplishments and overtly praising subordinates for their hard work. This resonated with me because I have felt unappreciated before and I d o not want my subordinates to think what they are doing is not important or appreciated. Other tools I will use to try different leadership approaches will include the DiSC and MBTI survey. These tools will have given me insight into how people tick and how I can utilize that in the work

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