Kopi Kocak Swot Analysis

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One of the environmental concerns in Brunei is the solid waste disposal. Plastic bags are commonly used as convenience for shopping, however, its nature of not being decomposed easily is a problem for the ecosystem. A survey performed by the Department of Environment, Parks, and Recreation showed that for two weekends, the use of plastic bags of one supermarket reached 3000-8000. The ‘No Plastic Bag Weekend’ was later initiated in 2011, to increase society awareness on the use of reusable bags (Department of Environment, Parks, and Recreation, n.d.). The head of the department stated that they are also aiming to vastly reduce the habit of using Styrofoam for food packing, for ecological and healthiness concerns (The Brunei Times, 2014).
SWOT Analysis for Kopi Kocak
SWOT analysis is utilized in strategic planning that summarizes the business’ Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (Ruskin-Brown, 2006)
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Compared to other businesses that serve coffees such as Gloria Jeans or Starbuck, the pricing of Kopi Kocak products are immensely cheaper. They are also known for their trademark which is the word “Kocak” which means shaking before serving the drinks (Agus, 2016). Moreover, consumers are rather attracted to the unique packaging of the products, thus instead of using standard paper or plastic cups, customers can choose their drinks to be served in a custom-made reusable multi-colored bottles. The fact that they market their products through social media (Instagram, and Facebook) is helping them to be further recognized by the Bruneians. Additionally, they also use social media to take customers’ orders, and do deliveries within the Brunei-Muara district, and, the outlets are located in strategic

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