Korean Cultural Diffusion Essay

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Korean Cultural Diffusion I remembered the time I and my family sat together to watch "Jewel in the Palace" every evening. I never saw my dad addicted to a drama. He gave the compliments about untiring and full-of-effort characteristics of the main character a lot. Apart from "Jewel in the Palace", other Korean dramas released at that time were so different and interesting. Unfortunately, Korean culture unconsciously penetrated to Thais, and it becomes a new popular brand among Thai people. Furthermore, Korean trend did not invade only to Thailand, but also other countries in the world: both eastern and western. Korea can make an amount of money from this cultural penetration – from the trend. Being a medium of cultural diffusion to several…show more content…
The number of people visited Korea increases from 3,753,000 persons in 1995 to 14,202,000 in 2014. (The World Bank, International tourism, number of arrivals) The 10th most visited cities of 2016 ranking by CN Traveler. Tourists spent more than 10, 12, 13, 14, and 17 million US dollars while travel in Korea from 2010-2014. (KTO, Visitors Arrivals) Apart from people who visit Korea just for fun or to see people, many visitors visit Korea for many specific reasons such as tracing on movies' scenes, following idols, performing a plastic surgery, and so on. These specific purposes are growing popular that tour agents for these specific demands merge. For example, SM Entertainment, one of the Big3 Korean entertainment company, offers world tour packages for international fans. The packages include the concert ticket, hotel accommodation, souvenirs, etc. Prices for each package vary by artist and hotel. (SM Town Travel: Imagine your Korea translated, SMTOWN WEEK Concert Packages on Sale!) Besides, Korean plastic surgery is very famous. Most of idols and stars have a plastic surgery, so it is no wonder that plastic surgery tourism is also available. In Thailand, there are at least three big Korean surgery tour agents. The package includes surgery price, flight ticket, interpreter, and hotel. (Surgery design admin,

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