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I was born and raised up in South Korea for twenty years, and thus I know Korean culture very well. I also understand American culture as well, because I lived and worked with Americans for four years. I decided to choose this topic, because in my experience, I have noticed a lot of differences between Korean culture and American culture; for example, how Korean or American treat older people, how Korean or American act in the gym, and about the differences in foods. I picked those subjects because I have experienced the Koreans and Americans side well enough to understand both and I’m currently in South Korea with military men and women. I have Korean friends and American friends spending time together sometimes, and then I can observe differences and similarities. From that, Korean and American cultures are similar and different in many ways.
First of all, I want to start with the comparison
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Korean has certain rules and ways of doing things in regards to older people and American just have guidelines. Also Korean has specific rules and ways they like the gym that are different and are similar to how Americans like the gym. About food, Koreans always have rice on their meal and Kim-chi, but Americans always have bread and cheese on their meals. Searching different between Korean and American cultures, using two article Korean culture and American culture with UMUC library, I found lots of more different things, which such as traffic, language, mind, economy, and trees, but not search results. In my life, I had experienced a lot of different ways between Korean and American cultures; we have all different customs and cultures, but also we have a lot of commons. In my concluding words, it will be harder to understand more than one culture, but we will respect and accept other
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