Korean Drama Case Study

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Success of Korean Drama in the Philippines

Statement of the Problem
Korean dramas have successfully hit the Philippines and have made the Filipinos buzz about them in various platforms.

Review of Related Literature
Elements of Television Drama
The composition of the elements of a television drama is an important factor in producing a good show. According to cybercollege.com, first thing to consider is to clearly establish your objectives and hold to them throughout the production. The objectives in doing a production may be anything from creating an experience of pure escapism to doing a treatise on spiritual enlightenment. The speed at which ideas are presented in productions has increased dramatically in recent years. In order to stay
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Korean dramas are televised dramas following a miniseries format which are produced in South Korea. These series run from 16 to 24 episodes. Most of these series last an hour (Tapulgo, 2012).

Hallyu. The hallyu or Korean wave portrays an unprecedented frame of Korean popular culture by the Korean media alongside the line with commercial nationalism. As a result, the Korean wave is manifested as a regional cultural trend signifying a triumph of Korean culture (Hyejung, 2007, p. 3). Different Korean entertainment productions such as movies, television shows and k-pop are enjoyed globally. A report by the Korean Culture and Information Service (KOCIS, 2011a) about Korean dramas explains how this global phenomenon has become widespread around the world. In the Philippines the k-drama Boys over flower was a big hit, and their two biggest broadcasting networks both regularly air Korean dramas which are dubbed into Filipino. Korean dramas also became popular in Vietnam. The popularity of Korean dramas in Thailand started in 2007 when My Girl and Coffee Prince were well-liked dramas. In Indonesia, hallyu began when in 2002 when Autumn in my heart was broadcasted on Indosiar Television and reached a viewer rating of 11%. Since then, more than 40 Korean dramas have been aired on television. The biggest hit was Full House which had a viewership rating of 39%. On the other hand, Korean dramas in the Middle East can be found in Turkey, Jordan, Israel
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Korean dramas, or coined koreanovelas in the Philippines, have long been attached to Philippine society and have been an immeasurable part of Philippine TV shows, providing the sponsor channels with good ratings. According to Tapulgo’s research, the first Korean drama aired in the Philippines was Endless Love I: Autumn in my Heart in 2003. This koreanovela’s success has inspired the local network to secure more Korean dramas. Since then, koreanovelas have been prevalent in Philippine TV, and there is no time you cannot watch a Korean drama. A Korean drama encompasses some common elements, according to fond viewers. The characters contribute an important role in the elements of a Korean drama. Some dramas may have the arrogant male lead who secretly hides a sensitive and romantic nature, the best friend who falls in love with the male or female lead but is destined to be nothing more than a best friend, the past lover who comes back and tries to ruin everything. Another element responsible for the growing addiction of Filipino viewers towards Korean drama is its storyline. Filipinos who watch koreanovelas became more investigative about Korean culture, which concludes that Philippines is hit by the “drama fever.” Their stories are wisely manipulated to keep the viewers asking for more. According to Taho News, scenes are also included in the elements that made koreanovelas captivate the hearts of Filipino viewers. As for Korean dramas, their scenes are more

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