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China is where Korean dramas started to get noticed and get popular. One writer from Beijing used the word hallyu to refer to the increasing popularity of K-drama, which was first used in the year 1999. This was inspired from the drama, What is Love. It was shown in China in 1997 and it became popular because it was able to connect with its audience. This can be attributed to the fact that China and Koreans culture are both heavily influenced by Confucianism. From this, Koreans popularity skyrocketed and continued to rise from then on to their neighbouring countries like Hong Kong, Taiwan and Japan. The economy of Korea also increased because the Korean products are also becoming popular, increasing the income of the business. The audiences would be appraising Koreans fair and smooth skin from the dramas that they would watch. This helped the aspiring artists to get recognized in their neighbouring countries and was able to ‘debut’. Korea is then expanding its horizon.
The researcher found out records of the earliest dramas, which are Royal Emissary (1981),
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It was based off from a true story of an orphan, starring Lee Young-ae, but was a talented in cooking and in medicine. Despite the fact that women had no significance back then, her skills were recognized and became the very first lady physician of the king. It expanded the hallyu, not only to Asia but the West. This increased the demand of Korean drama. Surprisingly, even though the drama was not shown in some particular copies, the fans of the dramas somehow got a hold of copies of it through the internet or buying the DVDs. Some of the other popular dramas, or known as the classics are Boys Over Flowers, Coffee prince and You are Beautiful. In the Philippines, Korean dramas are known as Koreanovelas, and it is being broadcasted by channels like ABS-CBN and

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