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KOREAN DRAMA CRAZE AMONG YOUTH IN MALAYSIA Winter Sonata, Jewel in the Palace, Healer, Secret Garden and Boys Over Flowers. Those who are fans of Korean Drama must be familiar with those title. That was the title of Korean Drama that has been aired in Malaysia and has attracted many viewers to watch it. Youth in Malaysia especially female are obsessed with Korean drama. Based on the observation that had been made among Malaysian youth, it is evident that the Korean Drama or well known as K-Drama has getting more popular and has successfully been absorbed into the life of Malaysian youth in particular and Asian teenagers in general. The first drama that remark the start of K-Drama craze is Winter Sonata. It was the first Korean drama that…show more content…
The plot is an indicator for a good drama. Scriptwriter are one of the key factor of the successful of Korean drama. It is because they are the one who make the plot and create conflicts in the drama as well as the famous one liners that the audience will remember even though the drama has ended. For instance, there was several drama that started off well and get the viewers hooked with the storyline. However, after the scriptwriter has been changed, everything seems not in the right place and some of the viewers started to dislike the drama. Third factor is variation type of the drama. In Korean drama, there was several genre which is it romantic comedy, action, science fiction, medical and historical drama. The various types genre of the drama has attracted the youth to watch the drama according their personal preference compared to Malay drama which is not so variable and mainly focus about family, love and…show more content…
Several cable channels in Malaysia which is ASTRO provide two Korean channels. So, it is easy for the youth to watch the drama through television. While some of them prefer to watch in on the internet because they want to watch the drama series at their own time and pace, making the internet the go-to place for their TV leisure. In Malaysia, there is sites called Maaduu which the viewers can view their favourite drama. Apart from that, there is several sites that uploaded the drama that currently airing less than 24 hours after the episode has been airing with the subtitles. The viewers do not want to wait and want to watch their favourite dramas as fast as

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