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Why do people educate or be educated? Education means teaching people various subjects or being taught, normally at a school or college, (education: naver english dictionary, no date). Education does not only mean studying and getting good grades. It also means to discover new things that we don 't know about well and increase our knowledge (Importance of education, 2013). The OECD Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) survey takes place every three years, examining the ability of 15 year-olds from around the world about what they have learned and how they apply with that knowledge at unfamiliar settings. In a 2012 survey, Korea placed 2nd, 1st, and 4th in Reading, Mathematics, and Science performances (International student assessment (PISA) - Science performance (PISA) - OECD Data, no date). Although Korean students got high scores at the survey, Korean education is inefficient because it is not creative, focused on arousing competition and many students do not have their dreams.
Lack of Creativity Korean education only focuses on delivering the contents, not giving any opportunity for students to think creatively. Eckerling pointed out that although Korean students ' motivation and academic achievement are high, they are not trained in thinking creatively and independently (`Korean Students Lack Creativity, no date). Science technology level of Korea is highly recognizable throughout the world. However there is no one who has been awarded a nobel

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