The Role Of Democracy In The Korean War

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The hope for this research essay is to try to implement and understand the role of democracy in the case of the Korean War. This research essay will look in depth to see if democracy can truly prevent war and bring peace or if it is irrelevant in what causes war in the international realm. This concept is also known as the Democratic Peace Theory. The Democratic Peace Theory is probably the most popular theme or theory in trying to understand what causes war and what causes peace. The current relationship between South Korea and North Korea is very similar to how the United States and the Soviet Union were in the Cold War.
As the World War II came to an end, so did the Japanese occupation in the Korean peninsula from the Soviet
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And analyzing the situation of the Korean War and the Cold War, the main purpose and cause of the war seem to be to make democracy the dominant system and stop the spread of communism. As mentioned before, President Truman and other democratic countries believed that democracy was the right path in running a country. Therefore, securing democracy in the Korean peninsula would allow for democracy to be one step ahead over communism. The role of democracy was truly seen post Korean…show more content…
Due to the Western democratic influence over the southern half of the Korean peninsula, it allowed for South Korea to go under positive reform and development. Democracy empowered people to have a voice in politics and in the way the country should be ran. The transition of governmental system allowed for Korean citizens to participate in electing Presidents through holding “regular, free, and fair elections.” In a sense, it was like proof to the world that Korea was now democratized. Not only did democracy change the authoritative governmental system to a democratic system, but it also allowed for the small country to experience great economical growth. Considering that Korea was one of the poorest countries in the past, Korea stood at the thirteenth place in world’s largest economy in 2007. Korea also surpassed United Sates $20,000 mark in per-capita. Both were one of the greatest achievements that Korea achieved and it shocked not just the United States but also other countries around the globe. In addition, the world saw how South Korea was included in the list of countries that were able to recover quickly and efficiently when the Asian financial crisis occurred in 1997. The recovery post the Asian financial crisis embarked their path to innovation and genuine economical

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