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Many occupations and jobs were necessary for Medieval society to function. Not only did a profession serve to earn a living, but it also became a means of identity for the people who held various jobs. The Korean Shipbuilder was a skilled specialist who built and designed boats and vessels. A shipbuilder would have to have great knowledge of mathematics, design and science, and to be a master craftsman. A shipbuilder often earned high wages and a lavish living with their services were often demanded by kings and monarchs. Korean ships usually held about 140,000 soldiers in 500 to 900 ships. The Korean ships would be able to help to transport supplies and soldiers. Korea had ships that was able to transport soldiers to battle, food, resources…show more content…
In combat, the horses were fast and flexible, and Genghis Khan was the first leader to capitalize fully on these strengths while the Koreans based their battles on sea. Korean armies had to abandon their pursuits because they were not accustomed to long rides on horseback and thus could not move as quickly on land, but exceptional on sea. That is why to this day, South Korea is the world 's largest shipbuilding nation and also the world 's builder and exporter of ships. Ships were developed and used since the Three Kingdoms of Korea period. The abundance of coastal waters surrounding the Korean peninsula, allowed the Koreans to develop simple fishing ships to take advantage of the resources being so close to the sea. Korean shipbuilding again excelled during the Goryeo Dynasty. In the 11th century, Goryeo shipbuilders developed the kwason, or spear vessel. This ship was designed to ram and destroy vessels, who were attacking coastal Korean cities. Goryeo ships were both large and strong in terms of size and durability and the largest could carry 200 or more fighting marines. When the Mongol Empire raided Korea, they demanded tribute goods from

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