Korean War Memorial Research Paper

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Korean War Memorial The Korean War memorial is in D.C. and it symbolizes the Korean’s that fought for freedom and rights to gain. The people that are standing for the people who served and fought for the country. The Korean War weapons that they’re holding describe the types of artillery that were used in the war and just looking at theses statues remind me of why they are fighting and what was going on. P1 Washington D.C. is a huge place and has tons of Memorials that are amazing, and the Memorials stand for the people who have died and are still alive and that served in that war. One of the Memorials is the Korean War Memorial and you wonder “what the people and weapons they used and stand for?” I wonder what the pool of remembrance stands for because I’ve heard lots of stories about it. Well, I know the correct answer to all the guess’ that people take to try to find out what it stands for it stands for people who have served and fought for religious freedoms and territory and makes you really think back about the war. P2…show more content…
The Korean War Memorial was allowed to be shown to the public on October 28, 1986. The United State armed forces United with Korea armed forces for Democratic nations worldwide. The Stand for freedom to fight without laws and they have bravery. The War resides on the National Mall south of the Reflecting pool and south of the Lincoln Memorial. From a bird’s eye view of the wall it looks like an isocelies triangle and is 164 feet long and 8 inches thick. In 1986 the Korean War was built in 19 years of really hard
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