Korean War Vs Vietnam War Essay

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The Korean and Vietnam War were both wars the U.S seem to have lost and were examples of how scared the U.S was in the spread of communism. Both wars show the example of a theory called the Domino theory, which was a theory that if one country in the region fell into communism then all of them will. After World War 2 the U.S became a superpower and tensions between the Soviet Union started which made the U.S not want any countries fall into communism. The U.S became even more scared and worried when China fell to Communism. With China falling to communism this lead the U.S heavily involved in the region which lead to both Korean and Vietnam Wars, however what would happen if the U.S did not enter both wars.

If the U.S didn’t join the Korean War I would feel like the country would be unified instead of being split up into a north and south. I don’t think South Korea would be able to hold off North Korea without the aid of the U.S since during the War it was the U.S who was supplying their troops, and even training them. North Korea would
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In fact I think if the U.S didn’t intervene at all I think the war would have ended much quicker between the North and South Vietnamese instead of lasting for nearly 20 years. The North Vietnamese just like the North Koreans were much more superior in war experience and military tactics than the South and they had aid and supplies from China and the Soviet Union. Without U.S intervention, Vietnam would’ve been unified much earlier into the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. Also if the U.S didn’t get involved I would feel like it would lead the U.S getting involved into more conflicts since the experience from the Vietnam War taught us not to get involved in other conflicts and made us lose the taste of
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