Koro And Creon In The Whale Rider

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In Sophocles’ play Antigone and Niki Caros’ movie The Whale Rider, both Koro and Creon are considered the tragic hero because they were born at noble birth and have a fatal flaw, they undergo a reversal of fortune plus they have a tragic downfall, and they recognize their mistakes. To begin with, both characters Creon and Koro are considered to be born at noble birth meaning to occupy a high status. Creon is the king of Thebes, which authorizes him to be at high status. Everyone listens and obeys him because his people know that he will do what is best for them to live a peaceful life. Koro however, is not a king but is a leader of his tribe. He teaches younger children to grow up and become one of the best leaders to their families. Secondly, Creon and Koro are not perfect. They have some fatal flaws during the decisions that they make. Creon’s fatal flaw is that he is very hubris meaning that he is overly arrogant. His arrogance forbids him from…show more content…
Creon realizes his mistake and regrets everything he has done in the past, “I can’t fight against what’s destined…I must personally undo what I have done. I shouldn’t have tried being unorthodox. I’ll stick by the established laws in the future”, he said. (Scene 5, Lines 95-99). Unfortunately he realized his mistake too late to rescue them. He realized that Antigone was right about burying Polyneices her brother. When Creon went to let Antigone free she was already dead as well as his son and wife. Creon states, “…by my stubbornness, oh my son, so young, to die so young, and all because of me”. (Scene 3, Lines 105-107). He felt so much regret and disappointment in himself. Koro realized his mistake just on time. He did not realize his stubbornness until Paikea almost died saving the whales. Once he realized his mistake he let Paikea lead the tribe because he knew she could do it and that she was truly the one who could help her

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