Kosher Kitchen Case Study

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I am currently working on plans to open The Berkeley Union School and Kosher Kitchen (BUSKK), in Berkeley, California. An organization seeking to accommodate the needs of the the communities flourishing spiritually, socially, politically, religiously, academically, artistically and health conscious community.

The organization shall consist of three main interwoven elements; restaurant, community center and school.

The University of California at Berkeley is America’s foremost public university, with a notable sizeable student population. In addition, the Berkeley is one of America’s healthiest cities, and is home to a growing religiously observant Jewish Community. For whatever reason, there are only two kosher restaurants in the greater
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It is important that this place be open and welcoming throughout much of the day, and even the night, so that people feel comfortable to use the space as much as possible. Although libraries and synagogues a traditionally served as means to facilitate these ends, they both have their limits. The right space will allow for the engagement of the entire community, whilst exposing them to meaningful perspectives on many of the days relevant topics. The BUKK will also serve as a library, museum, cinema, music venue, classroom and study area, open to the…show more content…
The Berkeley Union School (BUS) seeks to provide accelerated learning programs for children planning to obtain their first college degree before the average age that other children graduate from high school. With the belief that children are capable of far more than has traditionally been expected of them, BUS will offer fast paced classes and will emphasize the role of active learning, while allowing the students to decide the discipline they find most interesting. Utilizing the vast supply of local academics, the program will facilitate each students introduction to their discipline of choice, familiarizing them with the corresponding university-level material. Furthermore, the school will see to it that each student become fluent in a number of languages, in order to promote the grace of dialog, in an effort to nurture a framework for people to learn to be attentive to others and to the world around them, in order that free choice be respected and independence promoted, so that a community can thrive and
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